note: no classes are scheduled on full and new moon days.

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Mysore is the city in South India where Ashtanga Yoga comes from and is taught and practiced in its most authentic and traditional way. In Mysore Class, students build their practice in the group setting under the guidance of a teacher. To ensure safety, the teacher works with every student individually and molds their practice based on their abilities and physical limitations. Postures are taught gradually one at a time and only after a student memorizes the sequence and becomes proficient at it, new postures are added. Initially, new students will get more attention to help them strengthen their knowledge of the practice. As they get more comfortable and become more independent they will receive adjustments and assistance only when required. The essence of Ashtanga Yoga lies in a Mysore-style practice. This is where students cultivate their inner strength with the self-effort and acquire confidence, physical strength, flexibility, stamina and peace of mind.

Students may practice anytime between scheduled hours. There is no appointed start time.


If you are new to Ashtanga yoga and would like to start Mysore, please contact us at or at 404-861-8961 to schedule a FREE private 30-minute session with a teacher. The teacher will meet with you at the beginning of a class to introduce you to the method and teach you proper breathing, vinyasa (moving with breath) and sun salutations. In the beginning the practice lasts about 30 minutes and then gradually grows as more postures are added. This way students will avoid risking injury and exhaustion. 



In a Led Primary Series class, the teacher calls out the postures and vinyasas (counted movements linking the postures with the breath) of the Ashtanga Primary Series. The group moves and breathes together in sync. These are dynamic, focused, highly energetic classes and recommended for experienced students. A Led Primary Series class helps to reveal ineffectual self-practice habits such as a wandering mind, losing the connection with the breath, or fidgeting between postures, and provides an opportunity to refine your practice by following the ‘count’ as it is traditionally prescribed and breathing at a more steady, slow and controlled way.



As an alternative to the traditional class setting, students may begin the study and practice of Ashtanga Yoga with one-to-one private sessions where the teacher and student work together in a more concentrated and focused way. Sessions are available in 60-minute and 90-minute increments.